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Dante and the Astronauts

Dante and Dan Brown share a taste for bringing references to science and recent discoveries into their storytelling. Like the ancient Greeks, Dante knew two centuries before Columbus’s maiden voyage that the earth is round. Dante is aware of the … Continue reading

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The Solublon® Bag

(This commentary contains spoilers with reference to Dan Brown’s Inferno). There is a scene in Dan Brown’s Inferno where our hero, Robert Langdon, and the World Health Organization’s chief, Elizabeth Sinskey, view the eerie video created by the evil genius/would-be … Continue reading

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Bombay Sapphire and Gogol Should Never be Mixed…a Strange Sentence or a Series of Clues?

Dan Brown’s books are full of carefully chosen words and phrases that work on more than one level. When one comes across a phrase or sentence in Dan Brown’s Inferno that seems particularly artless or nonsensical, it is worth thinking about whether it … Continue reading

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If you want to know what Dante’s seven centuries-old neighborhood looks like…

If you want to know what Dante’s seven centuries-old neighborhood looks like, or see other locations in Florence included in Dan Brown’s novel Inferno, take a look at photographer Julie O’Connor’s Secrets of Inferno slide show. You can watch it above or on … Continue reading

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Shaken not Stirred

Quick: Think of an action-adventure thriller that features the following plot elements: Venice, Istanbul, Hagia Sophia, the underground cisterns of Istanbul, a high speed boat scene, a graying woman, and a mysterious bad guy trying to do evil to the … Continue reading

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Murder Lab Blog Reviews Secrets of Inferno

Murder Lab’s recent review: Dan Burstein and Arne de Keijzer are the world’s leading authorities on the novels of Dan Brown. Their first fact-checking analysis, Secrets of the Code, was in its own right a mega-bestseller, topping the charts for … Continue reading

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Hemingway 1, Dan Brown 0.5

On Sunday night’s episode of The Good Wife, Peter, the Illinois Governor-Elect, decides to test the intellectual mettle of Marilyn, his once and future ethics advisor who has committed herself to keeping him out of that place that so many Illinois … Continue reading

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