Book Gossips Reviews Secrets of Inferno

We were very pleased that Book Gossips recently ran a review of our book:

I can definitely vouch for the fact that reading Secrets of Inferno further enriches ones reading of Dan Brown’s pop culture page turner, Inferno. If you have read my review of Inferno by Dan Brown, you already know I was a huge fan of the book and for that reason I was totally engrossed with the information presented by Burstein, De Keijzer and their collaborators.

This format, a collection of opinion essays by various experts, is a great way to explore the layers of themes, ideas and locations that appear in Inferno. Where Brown’s novel speeds through locations and drops huge idea bombs on the reader, Secrets gives fans, and critics for that matter, of Inferno the opportunity to have a deeper think on the issues. It is educational to read accounts on transhumanism from the experts, to get a more in depth understanding of the movement and its origins. It is also a bit of a relief to be able to put to rest some of the overpopulation anxiety one can experience after reading Inferno. Luckily the fictionalized account Brown presents is far from the reality!

I found that reading Secrets gave me a greater appreciation of the effort Brown puts into his novels. Sure some of what he writes is easy to criticize, as some of the contributors in this compilation demonstrate, but for a man who is walking the fine line between fact and fiction the rules can become quite blurred. Reading the varying opinions presented helped me to further consider how I felt about that line myself. I think it’s easy for a reader to overlook some of the minor inconsistencies within Brown’s supposed “fact” because we are just along for the ride. I enjoyed getting lost in the narrative and didn’t focus much on whether the facts Brown presented were accurate.

Reading Secrets and having all of the facts only adds to the list of things I can take away from both books. I love both texts purely for the fact that they stimulate important conversations that we need to be having as a society. The purpose of pop culture is to provide a snap shot of society at the time the work is written. Brown presents issues that are relevant and Secrets provides the explanation as well as a spring board for further, more educated, conversation.

On top of all of this, the reader is learning about Dante, a writer who is, as Burstein puts it, “one of the most towering and inventive forces in the history of the written word” (pg. 27). Dante was also a pop culture writer in his time, incorporating his opinions on political, social and religious personalities and attitudes of the day. So while some may gasp at comparing Dan Brown to Dante, both authors were trying to bring important social issues to the foreground and, as Secrets of the Inferno proves, a comparison of the two makes for some very interesting debate!

I wholeheartedly recommend entering into the conversation readers! If you have read Inferno, Secrets of Inferno is a must!

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