Shaken not Stirred

Screen capture by Julie O'Connor

Screen capture by Julie O’Connor

Quick: Think of an action-adventure thriller that features the following plot elements: Venice, Istanbul, Hagia Sophia, the underground cisterns of Istanbul, a high speed boat scene, a graying woman, and a mysterious bad guy trying to do evil to the world. Sounds a lot like Dan Brown’s Inferno, right?  Well, all those plot elements also appear in the 1963 film version of the James Bond thriller, From Russia with Love.  Of particular interest is the film’s vivid depiction of Sean Connery and Pedro Armendáriz navigating their way through Istanbul’s cistern system in a small boat…. The cistern is crucial to the plot of Brown’s Inferno, so we are pretty sure it will be in the movie version scheduled for 2015 — 52 years after From Russia with Love.

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  1. Julie OConnor says:

    I like it! J.

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