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The Epigraph and Epilogue of Dan Brown’s Inferno:

Fire and Ice, Dante, and JFK, and the Perils of Moral Neutrality (Warning: This commentary  contains spoilers regarding the plot of Dan Brown’s Inferno). By Dan Burstein The epigraph that opens Dan Brown’s Inferno reads as follows: “The darkest places in hell are … Continue reading

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Secrets of Dan Brown: He Doesn’t Like Faulkner

It will not come as a shock to literary critics, but Dan Brown admits he doesn’t much like William Faulkner. Headlining the Miami Book Fair in November, Brown had this to say about the 1949 Nobel Laureate, widely regarded as … Continue reading

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Secrets of Inferno Now Available in German

We are pleased to inform any of our German-speaking readers that our book is now available in a German Kindle edition as Die Warheit hinter Dan Brown’s Inferno. The German publisher is Goldmann.

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Drones, Dan Brown, and Leonardo

Contemporary fiction continues to incorporate new technology into its plots, and Dan Brown is part of one of the latest trends of authors integrating the use of drones into their stories. Inferno‘s helicopter drone is a deliberate reference to the Renaissance–era … Continue reading

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Dante and Shakespeare: A Tale of Montagues and Capulets

Dante Alighieri, poet of the Divine Comedy, achieved many firsts in his great epic poem written at the beginning of the 14th century. If you made a full list of these firsts, one interesting bit of trivia you would find … Continue reading

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Dan Brown’s Inferno is Not the First Suspense Novel to Base Itself on Dante—or on Population Control Issues, for that Matter

If you enjoyed the Dante-related themes of Dan Brown’s Inferno, you might want to check out Matthew Pearl’s 2003 crime/suspense novel, The Dante Club. Pearl tells a mysterious tale of serial murders in the 1860s, where each death scene resembles … Continue reading

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Danish ‘Inferno’ translator blasts security measures used by Dan Brown’s publishers…Says he will never translate Dan Brown again

In the run up to the publication of Dan Brown’s Inferno last spring, a number of stories surfaced of translators around the world being holed up in bunkers under tight security measures to prevent any aspect of the story leaking … Continue reading

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