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A Poignant Commentary on Dante’s Relevance Today by Bard Professor Joseph Luzzi

Joseph Luzzi, a leading academic authority on Dante and Italian language and literature, wrote “I Found Myself in a Dark Wood,” for the New York Times online edition December 18. As we draw to year-end, and think about life, our … Continue reading

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How to Create a Viral Vector and Why You Would Want To – by guest blogger, Kristen Elise, Ph.D.

Spoiler alert: This blog post makes reference to the plot and characters in Dan Brown’s Inferno. In Dan Brown’s Inferno, a water-soluble, airborne viral vector carrying Zobrist’s infertility plague has already gone global even before the novel begins. The consequence … Continue reading

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Amazon declares Dan Brown’s Inferno the #1 bestseller of 2013

Amazon has announced its bestselling books of 2013, with Dan Brown’s Inferno claiming the #1 spot on the adult list, according to Publisher’s Weekly. The list covers sales of first edition books published in 2013, only paid titles, and takes … Continue reading

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Josh Gad pretends to read Dante to promote his new column in USA Today

In a major TV advertising campaign for USA Today, actor Josh Gad assumes a cartoonish look of an retro-intellectual—smoking jacket, pipe, etc.—and pretends to be reading from Dante’s Inferno—all in the madcap pursuit of promoting his pop culture column in … Continue reading

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The Secrets Of Hell

Thriller Magazine (Italy) calls the new Italian edition of Secrets of Inferno “an authoritative guide that explains all the puzzles, mysteries and secrets hidden in the novel by Dan Brown.” Secrets of Inferno opens a bright window on the Dan Brown novel by … Continue reading

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