Josh Gad pretends to read Dante to promote his new column in USA Today

Screen stills by Julie O'Connor

Screen stills by Julie O’Connor

In a major TV advertising campaign for USA Today, actor Josh Gad assumes a cartoonish look of an retro-intellectual—smoking jacket, pipe, etc.—and pretends to be reading from Dante’s Inferno—all in the madcap pursuit of promoting his pop culture column in USA Today. The animal in the image looks like someone’s idea of the wolf that Dante encounters along with a leopard and a lion in early passages from Inferno. Between Dan Brown’s Inferno and Mad Men’s heavy use of Inferno-tinged themes during last season, Dante appears to be having a bit of a comeback in pop culture 700 years after he wrote the Divine Comedy.Gad1

Click here to see the blooper reel.

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