Dante quote kicks off another TV show’s new season

We have noted previously that in the “Dante Spring” of 2013, when Dan Brown’s novel, Inferno, was on the press, the new season of Mad Men premiered with a scene that depicted Don Draper in Hawaii reading Dante’s Inferno with Dante’s famous opening lines narrated by actor Jon Hamm.

Now we have found a new example of a TV show using Dante’s same opening line from Inferno as a start to its new season. The show is the Danish political drama, Borgen, the third season of which recently wound up its English-language (subtitled) run on BBC Four. It is available on DVD in the U.S.

Dante’s reference to finding himself in a dark forest midway through the journey of his life is applied to the opening scene of Borgen Season Three. Fictional politician Birgitte Nyborg who unexpectedly became the first female Prime Minister of Denmark in Season One (and remained so in Season Two), now finds herself out of power at the beginning of Season Three, just as Dante found himself in political exile at the beginning of the Divine Comedy seven hundred years ago.

If you liked the West Wing or the more recent Newsroom and want to see a more European and female skew to contemporary political issues, we heartily recommend Borgen.

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