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The Remix: Michelangelo, Dante, and Dan Brown

Even though the poet Dante Alighieri lived and wrote at least a century before the time that most scholars would designate as the beginning of the Renaissance, it is easy today to look back at Dante’s Divine Comedy and see … Continue reading

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A Wall Street Journal essay calls Dante’s Divine Comedy “the most astonishing self-help book ever written.”

The Wall Street Journal featured an essay timed for Easter this year reminding readers that Dante’s Divine Comedy theoretically takes place over the Easter weekend in the year 1300 and praising the 700 year-old classic for its illuminating and soul-restoring impact on modern … Continue reading

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Dante and the Visual Arts (Continued)

The Metropolitan Museum is currently displaying some of its treasures in a focused show on French 19th century sculptor, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. Much less known today than Auguste Rodin (who was 13 years younger than Carpeaux, but lived well into the 20th century), Carpeaux … Continue reading

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