Very felicitous: Felicity Jones to star in film version of Dan Brown’s Inferno?

Felicity JonesAccording to well-informed Hollywood sources, British actress Felicity Jones is being romanced to star as Sienna Brooks in the film version of Dan Browns 2013 novel, Inferno.

Close readers of the novel (and those who followed our book, Secrets of Inferno) may be aware that Siennas actual first name is supposed to be Felicity. Her full name, Felicity Sienna Brooks, generates this characters transhumanist code name, FS 2080which becomes a key plot trick in BrownInferno. In transhumanist style, the initials derive from the first and middle name and the numbers derive from the year in which that person would be one hundred years old. (Felicity Sienna Brooks is said to be born in 1980thus the 2080 part of her code name.)  The fictional character is just slightly older than Felicity Jones, who was born in 1983.

The real Felicity Jones bears a few other resemblances to the fictional Sienna Brooks. Like all Dan Browns female lead characters, Sienna Brooks is said to brainy off the charts, with a record high IQ. Were not sure how high Felicity Joness IQ is, but she did graduate from Oxford and is said to have done very well academically there. In the novel, we learn that Sienna Brooks performed Shakespeare brilliantly in her youth; Felicity Jones was also a Shakespearean thespian at the beginning of her career.

Felicity Jones is best known for her role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and currently stars in The Theory of Everything as Stephen Hawkings wife Jane. She also has some terrific appearances as Worrickers (Bill Nighys) daughter in the recently aired British TV production, Salting the Battlefield.

It seems she would be a great addition to the cast of Inferno, assuming they can get her.

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