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Mad Money’s Jim Cramer on bulls, bears, and Dante

CNBC’s Jim Cramer analogized Twitter’s recent earnings call to navigating Dante’s nine circles of hell. After hearing that, we did a little checking and discovered that Cramer frequently alludes to the great Italian poet of the 13th and 14th centuries. … Continue reading

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Dan Brown’s Inferno, Bio-Plagues, Quarantine, and Ebola

One of the bits of incidental information we learned from Dan Brown’s 2013 novel, Inferno, is that the English-language word “quarantine” comes from the Italian word quaranta, meaning forty, which is the number of days ships were required to be … Continue reading

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Googling Dante

A Google Adventure Pome by Dan Burstein* My Google Alerts are set to Pick up news about Dante… Dante Alighieri, that is The Dante who is Author of the Divine Comedy Leading poet of the last Millennium Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century … Continue reading

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Digital Fortress, Dan Brown’s pre-Da Vinci Code novel, to be adapted for TV

Deadline Hollywood reports that Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress is about to become the basis for a new ABC TV series: After producing the blockbusters The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, Brian Grazer and Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment is … Continue reading

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Secrets of Inferno makes the “staff picks” table at The Strand in New York City

We are delighted to report this sighting of our book, Secrets of Inferno, on the “Staff Picks” table at The Strand, one of New York’s most wonderful and enduring independent bookstores.

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The Inferno movie is moving toward production

Dan Brown’s 2013 novel Inferno is moving rapidly from page to screen. Sony Pictures, actor Tom Hanks, and director Ron Howard have apparently all agreed to make their third Dan Brown/Robert Langdon adventure flick, following the box office successes of … Continue reading

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The Remix: Michelangelo, Dante, and Dan Brown

Even though the poet Dante Alighieri lived and wrote at least a century before the time that most scholars would designate as the beginning of the Renaissance, it is easy today to look back at Dante’s Divine Comedy and see … Continue reading

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