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The Remix: Michelangelo, Dante, and Dan Brown

Even though the poet Dante Alighieri lived and wrote at least a century before the time that most scholars would designate as the beginning of the Renaissance, it is easy today to look back at Dante’s Divine Comedy and see … Continue reading

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The Boboli Gardens

Dan Brown sets a long scene in Inferno in Florence’s Boboli Gardens. Although Robert Langdon and Sienna Brooks have extensive adventures there, you never really get a good description from Brown of this fantastical, almost surreal garden complex that includes entrances to … Continue reading

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Sienna Brooks and Siena, Italy

(Warning: This item may contain spoilers related to Dan Brown’s Inferno.) There’s always multiple layers and levels in Dan Brown’s choices of names for his major characters (and frequently anagrams as well). A variety of commentaries in our book, Secrets … Continue reading

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If you want to know what Dante’s seven centuries-old neighborhood looks like…

If you want to know what Dante’s seven centuries-old neighborhood looks like, or see other locations in Florence included in Dan Brown’s novel Inferno, take a look at photographer Julie O’Connor’s Secrets of Inferno slide show. You can watch it above or on … Continue reading

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The Dan Brown Economy

The Florentine, the leading English language magazine/webzine guide to life in Florence, Italy, recently featured an article by Suzi Jenkins on the “Dan Brown economy” in Florence. Inferno-themed tours were highlighted as well as specific Florence-based institutions, from the paperback exchange to the local … Continue reading

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