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The Secrets of Zobrist, Part 3: Will the Inferno movie make Zobrist more of a villain than Dan Brown himself did in his book?

In the Inferno book, as well as in interviews Dan Brown gave at the time of the book’s publication in 2013, the mega-selling author is clearly undecided on whether Zobrist is as evil as he seems. Yes, Zobrist is made … Continue reading

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We’re curious: What questions do you ask yourself?

We’ve been posting on the substantive issues behind Inferno, and we’d love to hear what you think. What concerns you about new genetic engineering technologies? About global population trends? About introducing more thought- and behavior-affecting genetic technology into human minds and bodies? … Continue reading

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What would Zobrist think about Japan’s shrinking population?

Readers of Dan Brown’s Inferno know that one of the novel’s main characters, the mad scientist Zobrist, is obsessed with global population growth as the main problem in the planet’s future. He favors drastic steps to try to alter the … Continue reading

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Dan Brown’s Inferno is Not the First Suspense Novel to Base Itself on Dante—or on Population Control Issues, for that Matter

If you enjoyed the Dante-related themes of Dan Brown’s Inferno, you might want to check out Matthew Pearl’s 2003 crime/suspense novel, The Dante Club. Pearl tells a mysterious tale of serial murders in the 1860s, where each death scene resembles … Continue reading

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Dan Brown’s Dubious Math on Population Control

Joel E. Cohen, Abby Rockefeller Mauze Professor of Populations at The Rockefeller University and Professor of Populations at the Earth Institute of Columbia University, is an eminent mathematical biologist who, as his titles suggest, is a leading expert in demographics. … Continue reading

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